April 2018

Sheldon Raymore, de la tribu Sioux, junto a su tipi de la campaña PrEPahHontoz, en uno de los eventos paralelos sobre VIH de la sesión del Foro Permanente sobre Asuntos Indígenas

Sheldon Raymore, de la tribu Sioux de Estados Unidos, montó un tipi (tienda cónica indígena) de su campaña PrEPahHontoz (que une la sigla PrEP, de profilaxis preexposición al VIH y el nombre indígena Pocahontas) en donde pintó “símbolos tradicionales que representan una historia una línea de tiempo de experiencias de personas indígenas con VIH desde mediados de los años 80”.

Naciones Unidas: Piden reunión de grupo de expertos sobre VIH y pueblos indígenas

El grupo internacional indígena de trabajo en VIH (IIWGHA) reiteró, en la 17 sesión del Foro Permanente de Naciones Unidas sobre Asuntos Indígenas, la urgencia de convocar a una reunión de expertos en 2019 para dar una respuesta global a la pandemia en pueblos originarios y así “no dejar a nadie atrás”.

April 2018

Congratulations to Hannabah Blue (Navajo), Savannah Gene (Navajo), Rick Haverkate (Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians), Trudie Jackson (Navajo), Kerry Hawk Lessard (Shawnee), and Sheldon Raymore (Sioux) for being chosen for NMAC's new American Indian and Alaskan Native Constituent Advisory Panel (CAP) members. They will join members Elton Naswood (Navajo) and Joseph Cantil (AN).  Constituent Advisory Panels (CAPS) are a new 2018 initiative to better connect with key consitituents. Based on concerns raised at the 2017 United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) and the Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit (Summit), NMAC has assembled five CAP's to ensure inclusivity and visibility of our key constituent groups.

Click link for more information: http://www.nmac.org/constituent-advisory-panels/native-american-cap/

March 2018

POZ March 2018 https://www.poz.com/magazine/poz-march-2018

to read full article click on link written by Rita Rubin

"To help raise awareness about PrEP and HIV among LGBT (also known as Two Spirit) Native Americans, 38-year-old performance artist Sheldon Raymore developed the character PrEPahHontoz.

Raymore is a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and has lived in New York City for more than a decade.  He serves as the community outreach staffer at the American Indian Community House, a nonprofit serving the health, social service and cultural needs of Native Americans who live in the city.

"Many Two Spirit individuals from tribes across North America remain unaware of PrEP as an option for their HIV Prevention method arsenal, "says PrEPahHontoz on her website.  "She's been a wonderful ambassador, "Raymore says of PrEPahHontoz, who released her first single "Take the Pill," on iTunes last June.

In photographs and at public appearances, PrEPahHontoz wears a traditional costume embellished with red AIDS ribbons and wooden beads made to resemble blue Truvada capsules, courtesy of a crafty seller Raymore found on Etsy.

Raymore has been on PrEP for more than two years, and he has experienced firsthand the lack of awareness about PrEP among Native Americans.  Although he was born and raised off the reservation, in Fremont, California, he inherited the home his late father owned on their tribe's reservation in central South Dakota.

"Were still tied to the reservation," Raymore says of himself and his family.  "I make it back there every summer, especially during ceremonial times of the year."

On one recent trip to the reservation, Greyhound lost his luggage, which contained his Truvada.  He went to the tribal clinic, but it stocked Truvada only for treating HIV, not for prevention.  "I actually had to educate the doctor about PrEP," Raymore says."

Quote and photographs from POZ Magazine article by Rita Rubin

Performance artist Sheldon Raymore in character as PrEPahHontoz photo by Dennis Cahlo

February 2018

Photos by Matika Wilbur

Pictured here: Landa Lakes at the Bay Area American Indian Two Spirit Society Powwow in San Francisco, California

These Stunning Portraits Show What It’s Like To Be A Two-Spirit Native American Today

"I think that the more people who share their true spirit with others, the more healing will spread.”

Posted on February 14, 2018, at 5:31 p.m.

"Two-spirits are dealing with a lot of lateral oppression and violence and a lot of stigma.  I created PrEPahHontoz to combat those stigmas and to bring a Native voice to the larger HIV/AIDS movement.  Her message is HIV prevention and adhering to the medication, but really her purpose is to go out to communities and educate on topics that maybe people are too shy or too silent to say anything about." -Sheldon Raymore, Cheyenne River Sioux

Pictured Here: Sheldon Raymore 

Photos and quotes from BuzzFeed article by Kate Bubacz

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